Install Win7 SP1 with additional LP using MDT2010 without Errors

To install Windows 7 SP1 with additional language packs using MDT2010 you need to update WinPE to version 3.1 and you need to edit a script in your deploymentshare. When you not do this things you get Error: Windows could not apply unattend settings during pass [offlineServicing].
Step 3:
Unpack the WAIK SP1 iso and copy the tools to update the WinPE to version 3.1.
You can use the following xcopy command to copy it.

xcopy "unpacked iso" "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools" /ERDY
The following link is the “Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 Readme” from Microsoft:
Step 4:
Open %deploymentshare%\scripts\DeployWiz_Initialization.vbs
go to line 1101 and add the word ‘Refresh’.

LPQuery = “PackageType = ‘LanguagePack’ and ProductName = ‘Microsoft-Windows-Client-Refresh-LanguagePack-Package’ and substring(ProductVersion,1,7) = ‘” & left(ImgBuild,7) & “‘ and substring(ProductVersion,5,4) >= ‘” & mid(ImgBuild,5,4) & “‘”

The reson why you need to edit the script is that in the package.xml from the langagepack is looking for “productname = ‘Microsoft-Windows-ClientLanguagePack-Package’ ” without the word Refresh
When you now start the deploymentwizard you can choose the additional languagepack and the installation will continue without any problem.

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