Remove a Old SCVMM Integration with SCOM

In our LAB i created a SCOM 2012 inegration with SCVMM 2012. After the expiration off the trial period of SCVMM we installed SCVMM on a other server.
The old intergration with SCOM wasn’t deleted. So how can you delete the old integration.

– Open SQL Management Studio on your SCOM Server.
– Make a query on the OperationManager Database

select DisplayName,IsInitialized,ConnectorID from Connector,BaseManagedEntity 
where Connector.BaseManagedEntityID=BaseManagedEntity.BaseManagedEntityID

This query result returns 3 columns: DisplayName,IsInitialized,ConnectorID

Uninitialize a Connector
If the connector you want to delete is Initialized you must Unitialize it.
If a connector is Initialized the value is 1. Else you can go on to the delete section.


Delete the Connector
If the connector is not initialized you can savely delete the connector.


Remove the connection from SCVMM
Open Virtual Machine Manager Command Shell and run the following command.

get-vmmserver "VMMSERVERNAME" | Remove-SCOpsMgrConnection -force

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