SCOM alert – AD FS application pool (ADFSAppPool) is stopped in the IIS Manager

In SCOM 2012 I’ve got errors about ADFS Webservices.

SCOM Alerts

  • AD FS application pool Is Not Running On The Federation Server
  • Federation Passive Web Site Application Is Missing On The Federation Server

After checking the specific server and Application Pool “ADFSAppPool” I couldn’t see anything wrong.

So I checked the monitoring rule that was causing this alert. The ADFS management packs runs several Powershell scripts that’s checks WMI.

WMI Query
Get-WmiObject -namespace root/MicrosoftIISV2 -Class IIsApplicationPoolSetting | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq “W3SVC/APPPOOLS/ADFSAppPool”}

The WMI query looks for the namespace “root/MicrosoftIISV2” so I tried to open the namespace in powershell and the namespace doesn’t exits:
Get-WmiObject -namespace root/MicrosoftIISV2 -Class IIsApplicationPoolSetting

To query which root namespaces exits on a specific machine you can use the following PowerShell command:
Get-WMIObject -class __Namespace -namespace root | Format-Table name

You see that the namespace is missing. So after checking when the namespace is installed and read the implementation guide of the ADFS Management Pack I found out that the following IIS features were missing:

  • IIS 6 Management Compatibility
  • IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
  • IIS 6 WMI Compatibillity

After installing these IIS features the alerts are gone and ADFS is working fine.

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