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DPM could not enumerate one or more components for application – Error ID 963

When trying to add a Primary Backup source to my Secondary DPM Server i’ve got the following Error; Error ID: 963 DPM could not enumerate one or more components for application <Component> on protected computer <ServerName>. Every where on the internet the solutions was to check the DPM Writer on the Production Server. With no […]


SCOM alert – AD FS application pool (ADFSAppPool) is stopped in the IIS Manager

In SCOM 2012 I’ve got errors about ADFS Webservices. SCOM Alerts AD FS application pool Is Not Running On The Federation Server Federation Passive Web Site Application Is Missing On The Federation Server After checking the specific server and Application Pool “ADFSAppPool” I couldn’t see anything wrong. So I checked the monitoring rule that was […]


DPM 2012 Service won’t start after Reboot (Internet Access)

A collegue of my asked me for helping him with some troubleshooting. At a customer DPM console and services won’t start after a reboot and some updates that were installed. First thing on my mind was that this was caused by installed updates, but the simple solution was to give the Server Internet Access. The following services wouldn’t start: – […]


ConfigMgr 2012 OSD Installing Package Hangs

Deploying a captured image hangs at the first install package step when you start the OSD deployment just after you update the Distribution Point with the caputered image. The strange thing is that when you wait for 12hours the deployment will work fine. In the smsts.log you will find repeatedly; <![LOG[Waiting for job status notification…]LOG]!> When searching […]


Upgrading Windows 8 to 8.1 using ConfigMgr 2012 (SP1 CU3 or R2)

When you have deployed Windows 8 Enterprise to your environment you might have noticed that you users are unable to upgrade to Windows 8.1 through the store like RT and Pro users are. This is “as-designed” behavior as you might not want users to upgrade themselves without thorough testing before it’s being released to your […]


Configuration Manager 2012 and Pooled VDI’s

  There is a lot of confusion about the use of Pooled VDI’s and the Configuration Manager 2012 client. Why would we even install the client if the machine only lasts for a short time, what can we do with the inventory data, do we need (managed) antivirus software on the VDI, and do we […]


Issue: Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machines can only be backed up using saved state

I recently came across an issue in an environment where we used DPM 2012 SP1 to backup Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machines running on Server 2008R2 Hyper-V cluster. The only option available in DPM for the VM’s was “Backup Using Saved State”. Of course this is not the preferred method for backing up a VM […]